What You'll Get


Beautiful photos that will make your listing stand out on MLS and grab the buyer's attention.
Once the shoot is complete, your photos will be delivered to you quickly
because your time is important!  You will be consistently impressed when you see your listings
sell faster and for more money.  Finally, you will build your brand and drive your business
with service you can trust!


Beautiful Photos

Our photos will impress!

The proper composition, color and lighting in our photos will showcase your home and grab the buyer’s attention. We create High Dynamic Range images that provide your customers with the best possible opportunity to sell their home quickly.


Delivered Quickly


We love deadlines!

Photos will be digitally delivered to you in 24-48 hours because we know your time is important and we will make sure your photos are ready when your listing goes live. 

Consistent Results

Quality you can count on!

Beautiful, full-resolution photos will make your listing stand-out on MLS time and time again. Customers, and potential customers will see your listings standing above the rest which helps you build your brand and drive your business.

Service You Can Trust

We aim to please!

Scheduling, on-time appointments, photo delivery and the shoots themselves. All will be handled professionally and consistently resulting in an experience that will not disappoint.

Who I Am


Jim Steinmetz

I enjoy helping people and solving problems. When I started this business in 2011 I saw an opportunity to do both of those things combined with my love of photography. You're probably asking yourself- 'How can he solve problems and help people by taking real estate photos?" Well, let me explain...while browsing MLS for a house of my own I was struck by the amount of BAD photos I saw. That's a problem. A problem for people trying to sell their home and for people trying to find a home! I knew I could do better, much better! That's the problem solving part.

Well, what about helping people? I also knew many real estate agents wanted better for themselves and their clients. Who wants their listing or home to be represented by bad photos? This is where I can help. My photos will represent your home the way it needs to be- beautifully! My photos will help you sell your listing faster and for more money. Your clients will be happy and so will you!

I love what I do and it shows in my photos. It shows in my customer service and my attention to detail. I truly enjoy the people I meet, the relationships I build and the homes I shoot. If you want me to help you solve the problem of bad photos on your next listing, give me a call. 414-881-6022