FAQ for Real Estate Agents

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  • Do you only shoot real estate? YES! I’m not a wedding or portrait photographer that happens to shoot real estate on the side. This is what I specialize in and what I am passionate about.

  • How long will the shoot last? For homes under 2000 sq. ft. the shoot will usually last about 45mins. to an hour. In general, most homes can be photographed in an hour to an hour and a half.

  • How will you send me the images? You will receive an email with a download link and instructions on how to download the images.

  • When will I receive the photos? You will receive the photos within 24 hours of the shoot.



  • How much will it cost? Prices start out at $109 and are based on square footage and number of images requested. As an example, 25 photos of a 2500 sq. ft. house would cost $125. *For non real estate agents such as interior designers, builders etc, please contact me for a quote.
  • How do I pay you? You can pay at the time of the shoot with a check or credit card. If you prefer to be billed I offer convenient and secure online bill pay through Square.
  • What about licensing? You will receive a license which enables you to use the photos for any purpose in marketing the property you wish. The license, or right for you to use the photos, will end when the property is sold or relisted. Also, the license is non-transferrable, which means you would not be able to give the photos to another agent or stager or builder that may ask for them. Our Terms of Service can be downloaded here.
  • I have a question you didn’t answer? Please give me a call! I’m happy to talk to you about marketing your next listing. 414-881-6022